Project & change management

Financial project and change management
You may be facing a major reorganization project, which also involves quality assurance of your accounting procedures and possibly the development of new routines. You may have acquired another company and need a financial review of the new company’s balance sheet before it is consolidated with your company’s current balance sheet.

I have participated in a large number of change projects within finance and accounting – as both project manager and external consultant.

New liquidity structure – project manager:
I helped streamline the entire cash management function in a public sector enterprise with approx. DKK 1 billion in cash and annual revenues of more than DKK 4 billion. Consolidation of cash accounts with a view to providing employees in the cash management function with greater overview and calling the attention of the management to approx. DKK 5 million in extra interest income.

Streamlining project – project manager:
The project consisted of decentralization of the administrative tasks within cashier and bank functions. The closure of the cash accounts of more than 100 decentralized units and the opening of 30 new cashier and bank functions with approx. 150 employees.

ABC analysis – project manager:
The project involved a preliminary analysis of the use of resources in the administration department to allow the management to calculate administration fees for internal transfer prices.

Restructuring project – external consultant:
Restructuring of the cash accounts of a national retail chain taken over by a foreign private equity fund, my skills were procured to balance the cash accounts and implement them to the retail chain’s forward-looking management accounting model.

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