Financial operations management 

Your head of finance and accounting department is on leave or has resigned, and you have an acute need for a manager with experience and competencies within accounting and finance. 

- I have acted as head of finance and accounting and have held a variety of positions, such as cash manager, controller and assistant controller, as well as debtor, creditor and finance accountant. I am, therefore, acquainted with many of the finance and accounting department’s operational and strategic challenges.

- I have worked as head of finance and accounting for a medium-sized service provider with annual revenues of approx. DKK 10 million and staff of more than 20. And I have participated in the extensive reorganization of the company based on my financial analyses and recommendations. 

- I have prepared accounts for small companies with revenues of a couple million and large corporations with  billions in revenues. 

- My past responsibilities have included management, reconciling, consolidating and preparing notes on financial statements and reporting to the management.

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