With an interim appointment through THE FUN,D MANAGEMENT CO., you know the resources available to you beforehand, the total cost, the duration of the appointment period and the agreed targets and success criteria.

THE FUN,D MANAGEMENT CO. can save you 25-30% of the cost of using companies that only broker interim agreements, and provide you with more than twenty-five years of business experience in operations, functions and management in finance and accounting departments.

What competence does FUN,D possess?

Two primary competencies are:

1. Financial operations management; and
2. Financial project and change management.

Financial operations management

Your head of finance and accounting department is on leave or has resigned, and you have an acute need for a manager with experience and competencies within accounting and finance. 

- I have acted as head of finance and accounting and have held a variety of positions, such as cash manager, controller and assistant controller, as well as debtor, creditor and finance accountant. I am, therefore, acquainted with many of the finance and accounting department’s operational and strategic challenges.

Project & change management

Financial project and change management
You may be facing a major reorganization project, which also involves quality assurance of your accounting procedures and possibly the development of new routines. You may have acquired another company and need a financial review of the new company’s balance sheet before it is consolidated with your company’s current balance sheet.

I have participated in a large number of change projects within finance and accounting – as both project manager and external consultant.

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