I combine finance and accounting consulting with management consulting. Consequently, as a matter of course, I always ask my clients how the company makes its money and what types of cash flow and information flow are involved in the way the company makes its money?

If you are facing a restructuring project in your finance and accounting department, then my consulting service is for you. I can be called in to focus on a single area as part of your financial team, freeing up your permanent resources for the day-to-day activities. My job might involve major reconciliation of bank accounts, debtor or creditor accounts. Or it might center on optimizing your financial and accounting processes through the ongoing streamlining of your routines.

FUN,D solves your ‘embarrassing’ problems
There is no shame in calling THE FUN,D MANAGEMENT CO. for assistance when problems arise in your finance and accounting department. I have many years of hands-on experience from dealing with and solving ‘embarrassing’ problems for a variety of companies. By calling on my expertise to improve their financial and accounting processes, these companies have also benefited financially, with the addition of millions to their bottom lines. Problems I have encountered include: lack of debtor and creditor management, lack of financial overview of project accounts, unbalanced bank accounts, inefficient financial and accounting routines – and the list goes on.

FUN,D starts with the small tasks, but also sees the big picture
I believe in solving the ‘small’ problems, as they generally have the biggest impact on your employees and your bottom line. I only take on assignments where I know that I am guaranteed to add value. I believe that the price should reflect the job you want done and not necessarily my high-level qualifications and competencies.

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