FUN,D stands for Flemming Uno Nielsen, Denmark. 
When my initials and that of the country where I was born and raised are combined, you get the term ‘fund’ which designates a reserve of resources one can tap into. The whole concept behind THE FUN,D MANAGEMENT CO. is that my resources can be tapped into by your finance and accounting department.

How does FUN,D work?
I keep your real-life situation in mind. When helping you handle your challenges in a tangible and effective manner by committing to creating value for you and your employees. I always focus on the tasks assigned me, and I ensure that you will always see the value of my contribution.

What types of tasks does FUN,D perform?
· Reasonably priced intelligent solutions within finance;
· Performe tasks within both the operational and strategic 
  aspects of accounting and finance;
· Quick comprehension of your problems; and
· Common-sense suggestions and whole-hearted solutions.

The Fun,D Management Co Aps · C/O Pixl Aps · Lille Strandvej 1A · 2900 Hellerup · Tlf.  (+45) 61 67 23 64